Media trainer specialising in the not-for-profit and education sectors

Media training

When you've worked for months to get a campaign ready it's important that you can translate your messages for broadcast media. Who? Communications will put together the media training that works for your organisation whether that's an introduction to using media in campaigns, interview practice or preparation for a particular important appearance.

Led by a public relations professional with substantial experience across the not-for-profit and education sectors, you'll get expert advice and a chance to try out your skills in a realistic way. 

It's often said that everyone is responsible for an organisation's communications and in the modern world where an ill-advised Tweet can be front-page news or a supporter's fundraising stunt can become a worldwide media phenomenon, it is even more important that all staff understand how the media works, how to avoid the traps and how to use coverage to take your work to the next level.

Getting your message into the media

Who? Communications can deliver tailored workshops to give communications and non-communications staff alike the skills and understanding to make the most of the opportunities that newspapers, TV, radio and the ever expanding online world offer. From identifying the messages that will win you coverage, to knowing what to say when a journalist calls and how to find out if you're really having an impact. We'll put together a package that matches your budget and requirements but it could include:
Planning media coverage into what you do
What makes a news story
The difference between media coverage and impact
Finding the right words
Getting the story into the right hands
Making sure journalists come back for more

Getting ready for interviews

Who? Communications offers comprehensive interview skills training combining trainers with both public relations and journalistic expertise to ensure that you get the best advice from both sides of the camera. In a practical and memorable way we'll deliver you the top-class insight and tips and tricks you need and walk you through every step of the interview process from beginning to end. Even if you've never done an interview before you'll have the confidence you need to concentrate on what you're saying and not worry about whether you're looking in the right place.You will receive expert advice from a trainer who has worked with hundreds of third sector leaders to improve their media skills and has prepared spokespeople for interviews from local newspapers to Newsnight and Question Time. In addition you can practice what you learn in a realistic situation with a full camera and lighting set up. We will work with you to make sure it fits you but it can include:
Developing soundbites that will get remembered
Making sure you're in control of the interview
Finding an answer to the difficult question
How different types of interview differ
Interview practice and comprehensive feedback

We can arrange expert media training for as little as £500 for a group workshop. 

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