Media trainer specialising in the not-for-profit and education sectors

Public Relations Consultancy

With a decade of experience planning media campaigns that get blanket media coverage, making the most of opportunities that arise, writing op-eds, comments and more for local, national, international and specialist media and preparing spokespeople for interviews on the highest profile radio and television appearances will can support all your public relations work.

Will also has extensive crisis management experience - from managing the reputation of one of the largest campaigning organisations in the UK through numerous attacks on its reputation to working with dozens of education and not-for-profit organisations to plan for and cope with unexpectedly being thrust into the media spotlight we have a wealth of experience identifying issues before they become problems and in helping organisations to maintain their reputation under intense media scrutiny.

Promoting your workIn a competitive landscape, with many organisations fighting for the same column inches and a plethora of digital channels available to promote your organisation you need public relations support with a proven track record of turning messages, reports and campaigns into high-profile news that influences the people you need to reach. Will can offer:
One-off or ongoing promotion for your work
Messages, comments, press releases, and other written content that captures audience attention.
Cross-channel campaigns that use every level and type of output
Comprehensive evaluation so you can measure the success of the campaign
Identification of the journalists that you need to influence and help building relationships with them

Planning for the future

Dealing with everyday communications issues can make it hard to plan for what's ahead. Who? Communications has experience of working with a huge variety of organisations to help them build a strong brand identity, seeing what's going on around them, what presents an opportunity and what is a threat. Will can work with you to build a communications strategy that really delivers against your core aims as well as raising your media profile. Will can:
Provide a comprehensive map of your communications and the landscape around you
Identify the ways in which public relations can strengthen your organisation
Create a long-term communications strategy with clear measures of success

Issues Planning

The best way to deal with a crisis is to stop it happening in the first place. Who? Communications can work with you to plan ahead to identify issues before they threaten your reputation.We offer:
Issues mapping to identify threats that already exist and plan to eliminate them
Comprehensive crisis planning so that you'll be well equipped if the worst happens
Tailored crisis training workshops so that your staff will be ready for a crisis

Crisis Management

No matter how well you plan there's always a chance that something will go wrong and when it does Who? Communications can provide a level-head and years of experience to make sure your organisation doesn't suffer. We offer:
Emergency assistance and advice in a crisis to minimise the damage
Review and guidance to help restore any reputational damage following a crisis

Led by a public relations professional with substantial experience across the not-for-profit and education sectors,you'll get expert advice and a chance to try out your skills in a realistic way. 

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